Fernwood School Meet Up

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Little Foxes Play Town

For those of you who have little cubs starting school this September, we hope you got the school you were hoping for! 😊

🎒To help you find other families starting at the same school, we are hosting special ‘Reception Class Meet Ups’ this June and July. We’ve scheduled all sessions at the weekend so hopefully this ties in better with work and pre-school commitments.

🦊 At Little Foxes we are all mums of at least one school age child, so we know how important it is for you to see a few familiar faces at the school gate, and for your children to have a few friendships already forming, it makes everything that little bit easier!

🌳🌞 Who knows, your first meet-up may even lead to a summer holiday play date!

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  • Little Foxes Play Town
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